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Nurses Hiring now for Red Sea Coastal City of Jeddah
  Hiring now for Rea Sea Coastal City of Jeddah. General and Specialist Nurses. Apply now commence employment in Autumn 2015 <br>     Save 30 - 40 K   in one year? Most nurses do in Saudi Arabia.        KFSH New Mega Hospital Project:     Youtube video that wi    ll give you a virtual display of     KFSHRC mega project     t    hat w
5 reasons to nurse in Saudi Arabia
  The social life in Saudi Arabia:        <br>     I  t might surprise you to know that your social life will probably shift up a gear when you're working in Saudi. There's a lively expatriate social scene, offering the opportunity to make friends with people from all over the world. One of the nurses from the UK told us
My new life in Saudi Arabia at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, Riyadh
Vacaciones de enfermera en Arabia Saudita
    ¿Alguna vez ha pensado en trabajar en el extranjero? ¿Sí? Considere entonces a Arabia Saudita.   <br>        <br>     1. ¿Dónde está ubicada Arabia Saudita?    En Medio Oriente,  es el país más grande del Medio Oriente    2. ¿Por qué necesitan enfermeras españolas?    En Arabia Saudita hay, aproximadamente, 300 hospitales. Professional Con
Paediatric Nursing Jobs: King Abdullah Specialist Children Hospital - KASCH
Middle East Nursing: What our nurses say about living and working in Saudi Arabia
    Look at Profco TV to see some videos in various languages, all are recently taken. Click     here   <br>     Read some blogs about nursing and living in Saudi Arabia    here          <br>
Group Interviews: Tips to help you stand out from the crowd!
Emprego Enfermagem Arábia Saudita
Interview: a Finnish nurse in NGHA
   <br>            <br>       

    Johanna has been in Riyadh for 6 months now - we
had a catch up with her to see how she is enjoying life in Riyadh!   <br>   

      What did you think of KSA before you travelled?     <br>   

    Before I started to apply, I really didn't know
anything or have too many opinions of Saudi Arabia.          I
Top Tips for Nursing Interviews - Answering Nurse interview questions

Jobs in Saudi Arabia

SAUDI ARABIA Registered Nurse - Home Health Care (Pediatric)
SAUDI ARABIA Section Head - Palliative Care Oncology
SAUDI ARABIA Staff Physician - Palliative Care Oncology
SAUDI ARABIA Assistant Consultant - Palliative Care Oncology
SAUDI ARABIA Assistant Consultant - Pediatric Hematology
SAUDI ARABIA Assistant Consultant - Pediatric Oncology
SAUDI ARABIA Assistant Consultant - Adult Medical Oncology
SAUDI ARABIA Medical Retina Ophthalmologist
SAUDI ARABIA Assistant Director for Surgical Services - Operating Room
SAUDI ARABIA Anaplastologist - Outpatient Services
SAUDI ARABIA Charge Nurse - Post Anesthetic Recovery Room (PARR), Female applicant only
SAUDI ARABIA Director of Nursing Services
SAUDI ARABIA Assistant Director of Nursing - Surgical Services
SAUDI ARABIA Registered Nurse - Operating Room, for female applicant only
SAUDI ARABIA Consultant Internist
SAUDI ARABIA Charge Nurse - Operating Room, for female applicant only
SAUDI ARABIA Registered Nurse Opthalmology
SAUDI ARABIA Medical Editor - Research
SAUDI ARABIA Registered nurse - Short stay unit opthalmology
SAUDI ARABIA Charge Nurse, Emergency Room opthalmology
SAUDI ARABIA Staff Ophthalmologist Outreach I
SAUDI ARABIA Staff Ophthalmologist Outreach II
SAUDI ARABIA Staff Anesthesiologist - Executive Medical Department, Male applicant only
SAUDI ARABIA Administrative Assistant - I
SAUDI ARABIA Consultant - Pediatric Dentistry
SAUDI ARABIA Pediatric Ophthalmologist
SAUDI ARABIA Consultant - Prosthodontics
SAUDI ARABIA Senior Clinical Specialist - Occupational Health
SAUDI ARABIA Head Nurse - Liver ICU
SAUDI ARABIA Head Nurse - Inpatient Surgery
SAUDI ARABIA Head Nurse - Oncology Clinic
SAUDI ARABIA Clinical Nurse Coordinator - Radiology
SAUDI ARABIA Advanced Practice Nurse - Transplant Nursing
SAUDI ARABIA Advanced Practice Nurse - Oncology
SAUDI ARABIA Clinical Instructor - Emergency Medical Services (DEM)
SAUDI ARABIA Clinical Instructor - ND&S (Home Health Care Experience)
SAUDI ARABIA Clinical Instructor - Operating Room II (ND&S)
SAUDI ARABIA Clinical Instructor – Pediatric CSICU, CSICU Step Down (ND&S)
SAUDI ARABIA Clinical Instructor - Medical and Surgical VIP (D4)
SAUDI ARABIA Clinical Instructor – Liver Transplant, Peritoneal Dialysis, Renal Transplant
SAUDI ARABIA Clinical Instructor – High Dependency Unit (ND&S)
SAUDI ARABIA Clinical Instructor – Medical Genetics (ND&S)
SAUDI ARABIA Clinical Instructor - Pediatric BMT (ND&S)
SAUDI ARABIA Clinical Instructor – In Vitro Fertilization(IVF) (ND&S)
SAUDI ARABIA Ambulatory Care Education Coordinator - Ambulatory Care (ND&S )
SAUDI ARABIA Head Nurse - Critical Care Special Surgical Care Unit (SSCU - B)
SAUDI ARABIA Head Nurse - Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU-C)
SAUDI ARABIA Head Nurse - Children's Cancer Center (Care Ward A)
SAUDI ARABIA Advanced Clinical Specialist - Colorectal Therapy
SAUDI ARABIA Chief Informatics Nursing Officer - Health Information Technology Affairs

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                  Housing on site NGHA Riyadh
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                  Things to know about living at NGHA Jeddah
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            Pictures of the Hospital
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                  College of Nursing Riyadh KSAU- HS
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      In English
            My experience using Profco and the recruitment process to work as a nurse in Saudi Arabia
            My new life in Saudi: some thoughts to share.
            Portuguese nurse's experience working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
            Ana Portuguese nurse in Riyadh
            UK Nurse at KFSH & RC Riyadh
            Three nurses at National Guard Hospital, Riyadh
            Swedish nurse at National Guard Riyadh
            UK Nurse at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
            Scottish nurse who works at KFSH & RC
            Senior nurse at KFSH & RC, Riyadh
            Nurse working in Riyadh
            UK nurse at National Guard NGHA Hospital Riyadh
            UK Nurse at King Faisal Specialist Hospital Riyadh, Travelled Sept. 2011
            Swedish nurse in Riyadh
            Finnish nurse at NGHA Jeddah,
            Kaisa: KFSH & RC
            Swedish Nurse: NGHA Riyadh
            Sheryn: NGHA Riyadh
            New Zealand Nurse at NGHA
            Podiatrist at NGHA Riyadh
            Female Radiographer NGHA Riyadh
            Kerstin and Torsten: KKESH
            Henna: Riyadh
            Anu: KFSH & RC
            KFSH & RC Riyadh
            Male Radiographer, NGHA Riyadh
            Therese, Jeddah
            Tommi: NGHA Jeddah
            Malin: KFSH & RC
            Åsa: Riyadh
            Jayne: Riyadh
      Em Português
            A decisão de me candidatar a uma vaga num hospital da Arábia Saudita
            Arábia Saudita - um projecto em grande escala!!!
            Destination KFEnfermeira...Destino:King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre - Riade, Arabia Saudita...COMO E PORQUÊ ARÁBIA???SH & RC Riyadh
            Enfermeira: Arábia Saudita
            Henri: NGHA Riyadh
            Henna: Riyadh
            Kaisa: KFSH & RC
            Kerstin ja Torsten: KKESH
            Suvi: KFSH & RC Riyadh
            Minna: KKESH
            Sirpa: KFSH & RC Riyadh
            Sairaanhoitaja, NGHA Riyadh
            Suvi: KFSH Riyadh
            Suomalaisen sairaanhoitajan haastattelu (KFSH&RC Riyadh)
      På svenska
            Swedish nurse at National Guard Hospital, Riyadh 2012
            Maria och Ulrika: Jeddah
            Åsa: Riyadh
            Minna: KKESH
            Kerstin och Torsten: KKESH
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