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Saudi Arabia > Saudi Arabia FAQs > Licensing with The Saudi Commission For Health Specialties (SCFHS)

You will need to obtain a license to practice in Saudi Arabia from The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS).  

There are three steps

a) Mumaris System/ prometric exam

b) Dataflow 

c) Completion of SCFHS application on arrival in Saudi Arabia. 

Licensing process

Once you have an offer of employment, Professional Connections will instruct you on how to commence your licensing with SCFHS. The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS), is the body which governs the practice of all healthcare practitioners employed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore all healthcare practitioners, including nurses, who are employed KFSH &RC are required to be registered with the SCFHS. 

Mumaris system and Prometric Exam: 

SCFHS provides a number of electronic services for health practitioners through the "Mumaris" e-portal. The health practitioner needs first to open a personal e-account with the portal to use the electronic services. Professional Connections will undertake this on your behalf. 

a) Open an account and upload your documents for  review.

b) Once your documents are reviewed and accepted, Mumaris will send you one or two eligibility numbers.

c)All candidates will receive a "Certificate Eligibility Number" and  'Exam eligibility number' you are required to sit the Prometric Exam. 

Prometric exam for SCFHS

Prometric is a general exam in your profession.  The exam is taken online and is available in numerous centres worldwide. To pass you need to obtain a 40% pass mark. The exam fee depends on the location of the test centre.  Dataflow. The fee is about USD 80. 


Dataflow, is an international organization which verifies the qualifications of healthcare practitioners. It operates in alliance with the SCFHS, but it is not a part of SCFHS. All expatriate employees are required to have their qualifications verified by Dataflow. The dataflow process costs about SR 500. 

SCHS license Fees: 

SR 840 - Initial Registration

SR 50 - Temporary License

The final part is completed once you arrive at the hospital in Saudi Arabia. 

* each case for licensing is individually assessed. Profco assists all our candidates to license with SCFHS. 


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