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King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre is a 936-bed tertiary care facility.  The New King Abdulah Cancer and Transplant Center will add an additional 400 beds at the end of 2014.

The North Tower

Some quotes from King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centres significant achievements- most recent publication. 

King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre is "The Diamond of Healthcare in Saudi Arabia"

One of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre's signature service is in the area of transplants, performing on average, three transplants every 48 hours. Latest figures are published for 2010. 312 Bone Marrow transplants were carried out and this held King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre's position among the top ranking institutions internationally with respect to the number of paediatric bone marrow transplants. The total number of transplants conducted in 2010 was  529 which included 145 kidney,  46 Liver, 19 Heart and 7 Lung transplants.

During the first quarter of 2011 there were 71 BMT a 43% increase from 2010,  48 Kidney (33% increase from 2010) and 4 Lung transplants. 

KFSH &  RC treats approximately 30% of cancer patients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as 70% of Paediatric cases.

KFSH & RC is ranked among the top three (3) centres in the world by the number of cases; as it relates to Medical genetics

In the area of Neurosciences, they have established comphrensive Epiplepsy programme. 

KFSH & RC is also at the forefront of interventional radiology. 

IT has successfully implemented the second phase of the Comphrensive Patient Informatics System which includes OR; Pharmacy, Emergency Room,Mammography, and Medical Records.


Technological advancement: 

Surginet and Cerenet documentation systems implemented hospital wide

Implemented Cerner phase 11 - First module in The Emergency Services Department

Implementation of of ANSOS One Staff Scheduling System

Introduction of Brain Lab ( Neuro Tumor tracking device) in the operating room.

Quality Outcome- KFSH and RC is Magnet Accredited 

Nursing Quality indicators are measured quarterly comparing their results with an international benchmark with a National database for Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQ1). Results above the median line have been achieved for most of the units for Falls and Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers. Evidence based practise projects included:  decrease infections/rashes in all neonatal and paediatric patients. Neonatal conjuctivitis and diaper dermatitis

Increased utilisation of best practise findings at nursing unit level.

Clinical research projects initated to improve patient outcomes

The use of best available evidence to guide practise changes has been a focus hospital wide

Implementation of Shared Governance structure throughout Nursing Affairs with continued development of unit councils in all nursing units and strengthening of divisional and central council's functioning.

Magnet hospital.

Daisy award

Patient Care

There are 18 Medical Departments, each with its own Chairman. The names of these departments are set out in the accompanying Organizational Structure.


The Hospital and Research Centre has a total staff of 6,946, comprising 63 different nationalities.

The Medical Staff

including Saudi Residents and Fellows, totals 703, 46% of whom are expatriates (including 16% U.S./Canadian and 11% European) and 54% of whom are Saudis.

Consultants 389

Associate Consultants 14

Assistants 97

Clinical Assistants 3

Fellows 101

Residents 88


The Nursing Staff

Totals 1,942 and 18% from Canada and 11% from the United States. The other Nursing staff are from the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and other countries. Nursing Affairs includes the following departments:

Critical Care Nursing, Maternal Child

Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Oncology/

Medical Nursing, Infection Control,

Ambulatory Care Nursing, Nursing

Systems, Nursing Recruitment, Products

Coordination, I.V. Therapy, Discharge

Planning, Quality Improvement and Nursing Education & Research.

Clinical Services Staff

1,235 employees

Some statistics

Average daily inpatient census 552

Average bed occupancy rate 88%

Average length of bed stay 9.0 days

Total number of operating cases per year 8,981

Average number of operating cases per workday 36

Average annual open-heart surgeries 1,120

Average annual cardiac catheterization 2,920

Average annual renal transplants 44

Average annual bone marrow transplants 96

Total number of deliveries per year 1,357 - High risk deliveries 40% - Normal deliveries 60%

Total radiological examinations per year 185,823

Total laboratory tests per year  (clinical and anatomical) 5,759,526

Average Outpatient encounters per year (excluding Emergency Room visits) 516,875

Average Emergency Room encounters per calendar day 124

The Health Sciences Library

is one of the most comprehensive and modern medical libraries in the region. It has 620 active subscription journals and over 23,000 medical books. In addition, linkage is available to various world libraries through the Internet and other

Information Technology Affairs

Subsequent to many years of searching and preparation a contract was signed in May 2000 for the implementation of the Cerner Health Network Architecture Millennium product. The implementation of the Integrated Clinical Information System (ICIS) will be a two year plus project and the ICIS will improve communication and information sharing, create improved operational efficiencies and improve patient safety. This system will introduce the Computer-based Patient Record (CPR), paving the way for a paperless chart in the future. The CPR, a longitudinal record of the patient's medical history, will provide more complete information and ease accessibility to that information that will increase continuity of care, and improve efficiency through the process of patient care.

The ICIS will improve the quality of care patients receive, reduce the cost of patient care and improve the utilization of resources, making available comprehensive data for analysis and research.

Last updated: 25.10.2014

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